Without question, one of the best ways to make sure that you are sourcing the best beef online that Kansas City families can trust is to go with a company that actually owns its own beef cows. Because a large portion of beef companies simply rely upon buying beef from big packers, sourcing your family’s beef from a trusted name that manages its own beef cows is absolutely essential. This guarantees quality simply because the level of care of the animals is never in question. Premium grade beef from farm to table should always be the goal.

Unparalleled Levels of Flavor with a Delicate Balance of Marbling

For example, KCBC or Kansas City Beef Company is a supplier that specializes in Missouri pasture cattle that results in excellent quality beef to your table. Each calf is closely monitored and carefully raised in order to produce world-class quality beef. Grain fed beef means unparalleled levels of flavor with a delicate balance of marbling that is impressive by any measure. In addition, KCBC is known for its impeccable levels of traceability when it comes to tracking beef back to a calf’s sire and dam. World-class quality and remarkable flavor are the true hallmarks of top-grade beef.

Treated in Only the Most Humane Ways

Best of all, because buying beef online Kansas City families can trust is best achieved through selling direct, KCBC focuses on selling directly to consumers as a standard feature. This means that there is never a question as to if the beef you are serving your family was treated in only the most humane ways. Questions about processing are never an issue. For example, with a direct selling model, you can know in confidence that your beef has not been subjected to multiple freeze and thaw cycles. In short, Kansas City Beef Company is a top choice in premium grade, fully traceable beef that tastes absolutely amazing. Contact KCBC today to learn more.