While it is all too easy to just buy any beef product from various outlets, there is clear advantage in buying farm to table beef online that is of the highest quality. As a matter of fact, when it comes to online beef companies and buying beef online, one company has stood the test of time in terms of quality and attention to detail. Kcbeefco.com Is a respected source for beef that is raised on pristine Missouri pasture where excellence and animal husbandry is always the goal. The end result is top-quality beef on your family’s table where there is never a doubt as to how the animal was raised or treated.

Finest Quality Beef Available

Kcbeefco.com raises each calf so as to produce only the finest quality buy beef online kansas city available. Each animal is backgrounded on impressive Missouri pasture lands while being fed quality grain. This produces an excellent balance of exquisite marbling, resulting in remarkable flavor. Even the traceability factors with regard to the beef produced in this way are impressive. For example, the company traces each calf to the precise sire and dam that produced the animal. This kind of accountability means that the beef that you buy online can be followed from the calf at birth right to the consumer’s table.

Freeze and Thaw Cycles

The company sells direct as a way to guarantee only premium grade beef. When purchasing beef online in this way you can be sure that you are eating animals that are always treated in the most humane way possible. There is never a concern for highly processed beef that typically comes from packing plants. Further, it is never necessary to be concerned about how many freeze and thaw cycles a steak have gone through. In short, farm to table is always the preferred way to go when it comes to buying beef online with confidence. Contact kcbeefco.com today to learn more.