Those who truly enjoy the flavor and taste of high-quality premium beef know the importance of sourcing products from the right company. Perhaps one of the most important things to consider with regard to choosing where to buy beef is whether or not it comes from mass-producing industrial facilities. In short, this type of factory food is not only less healthy, but it is also not as flavorful. Those who appreciate true quality in meat products can rest assured that the best Kansas City steaks are literally just a click away and found right online. When it comes to top online beef companies one company stands out from the crowd.

Animals Are Treated with Great Care

KCBC or is the trusted and respected name in premium grade, flavorful and healthy meat. This is simply due to the fact that the company owns its own beef cows and takes an active role in how the animals are raised on a daily basis. Buying from mass beef packers is never as good as buying from the farm. When animals are treated with great care, the end result is top quality beef that goes from farm direct to table. Born and raised on Missouri pasture and carefully monitored in close up pens on a pristine farm means that you are providing your family with beef products that you can trust.

Lineage Can Be Traced to a Specific Sire and Dam

As a matter of fact, each calf is raised with the primary goal in mind of producing only the highest quality kansas city farm to table beef possible. Every animal is backgrounded on highly regarded Missouri pasture while being grain fed, ensuring a unique and delicate balance of highly prized marbling. Keep in mind that all beef product lineage can be traced to a specific sire and dam. This means that from birth to butcher only the best care is given. Whether it is an individual steak or an entire side of beef, is always the smart choice. Contact the company online today to learn more.