Most consumers know that not all beef subscription boxes are created the same. As a matter fact, this type of farm to table beef purchasing concept can vary widely from region to region as well as from company to company. That is why it is so important to choose carefully when it comes to a company that offers premium grade beef subscription boxes online. Accepting second best in this regard will simply not do in terms of providing your family with the best tasting beef at the most affordable prices.

When A Calf Is Followed from Birth to Butcher

KC Beef Co is a company that prides itself on tracing beef in ways that other companies simply cannot do. Each head of cattle is traced back to the exact sire and dam ensuring total accountability. When a calf is followed from birth to butcher, consumers can be sure that they are getting the highest quality best tasting beef at the most competitive prices. Whether talking about an individual steak or an entire side of beef, one thing is sure and that is that the farm to table model is a smart choice in today’s world. Acquiring great tasting beef at the best prices has never been easier

The Best Tasting and Most Nutritious Beef Possible

With so much to offer it is clear to see why more people than ever before are turning to online beef companies that own their own beef cows. Close attention to detail and close monitoring of every single cow means that animal husbandry is always a top priority. Further, by selling direct, a company can ensure the highest quality of care and the best tasting and most nutritious beef possible. When families enjoy beef that is treated humanely, everyone benefits. Most importantly, this type of food sourcing model eliminates the need for multiple freeze and thaw cycles ensuring that beef always tastes great. To learn more simply visit online or call today.