In many ways, farm to table is becoming the new standard in healthy eating. In short, this type of food sourcing model whether beef, or otherwise simply means knowing where your food originates. The farm to table Kansas City beef to get excited about is found by choosing a company that actually owns its own beef cows. This is in stark contrast to buying from high-volume processing plants that have virtually no vested interest in the overall quality of the product being produced. High-volume processing plants typically fall short when it comes to overall quality.

Delicious and Flavorful by Every Measure

Most importantly, farm to table means that a farmer is closely involved with the calf through all stages of care. This results in premium grade beef that is sold direct to customers. Mouthwatering, delicious and flavorful by every measure, farm to market beef is far superior to anything that might come from a high-volume beef processing plant. One key aspect of buying farm to table in this way is that it ensures that the beef your family enjoys has not been subjected to multiple freeze and thaw cycles. This is an important distinction because these freeze-thaw cycles have a direct impact on beef quality and taste.

Accountability in Terms of Quality

In addition, when sourcing beef from a premium grade producer like KCBC you can be sure that traceability is always a top priority. This means that you will know the lineage of a calf from the moment of birth. Traceability from birth to butcher equates to accountability in terms of quality. When it comes to Missouri pasture beef few other companies can compare. KCBC maintains core values in good animal husbandry so that your family has access to some of the finest beef found anywhere. To learn more about exclusive grade farm to table Kansas City beef contact KCBC today.