Those who truly enjoy the flavor of delicious beef that has been properly produced know the importance of finding a Kansas City cattle company that delivers only the finest farm to table beef available. When searching for a company like this, it is important to make sure that the cattle are indeed raised under close supervision. This is in stark contrast to big beef packing organizations that mass-produce beef and the focus on quantity rather than quality. Many consumers are waking up to this reality and turning to more conscientious producers of beef. For example, KC Beef is a company with a proven track record when it comes to delivering quality beef direct to your family’s table.

Well-Maintained Farm

The company brings years of experience to the table and is known for delicious tasting beef that comes from cattle that are born on rolling Missouri pasture. These closely monitored and maintained cattle are ultimately finished in close up pens on a well-maintained farm. Boasting impressive animal husbandry practices and a wide range of other important core values, KCBC is a company that prides itself on providing consumers with the finest beef found anywhere online. A perfect balance of marbling means that the flavor is always beyond compare.

Tracked Carefully from Birth to Butcher

As an added bonus, the traceability of all cattle is top notch. When a calf is born, close and strict monitoring means the exact sire and dam is easily identified. In other words, each and every calf is tracked carefully from birth to butcher to Kansas City Steaks. This ultimately results in excellent quality beef whether it is a single steak or whole side. Families today are more concerned than ever before when it comes to the quality of food that they place on their table. KC Beef is a company that delivers on its promises when it comes to producing quality beef for consumers that appreciate good food. Contact the company today for more information.