It’s not just a saying but an actual fact that Kansas City farm to table beef is better. There are many reasons that this is true including the fact that this type of meat is simply not over processed. As many people know today, most of our food must endure excessive amounts of processing to extend shelf life and maintain profitability for large food companies. When this is indeed the case, financial gain takes precedence over nutritional value and health. The good news is that not everyone must live under the rule of highly processed foods. Whether it is fruit, vegetables or beef, one thing is sure that is the farm to table is the new gold standard in nutritious and great tasting food for your family. While there are many Kansas City farm to table beef suppliers, one company has stood the test of time. Kansas City Beef Co is the company of choice for direct to consumer meat products.

Highly Processed Meat Found in Grocery Stores

With years of experience and beautiful pristine Missouri pasture for the animals to graze freely, this is meat that is beyond delicious. Best of all, with an absence of excessive freeze and thaw cycles, there is a clear difference in taste. Highly processed meat found in grocery stores and other large-scale distributors simply does not have the exceptional taste of farm to table beef. As a matter fact, most people who have switched over to farm to table beef will likely say that they would never go back to eating commercially processed beef ever again. There is a reason for this and that the taste buds never lie. When food taste better and is better for you, it is difficult to return to the old way of doing things. To learn more about all that Kansas City farm to table beef has to offer contact Kansas City beef Co. today.