When it comes to Kansas City farm to table meat service, only a handful of companies around the country are able to pride themselves on delivering superior grade beef direct to your home. One of the keys to ensuring that you are indeed getting the best beef for your family’s table is in sourcing from the top farm to table meat service in Kansas City. While there are many choices in this regard, one company has stood the test of time in terms of accountability and quality. KCBC or Kansas City Beef Company is a company that gets it right.

Respected and Trusted Throughout the Community

As a trusted name in Missouri pasture beef that is raised in a sustainable, traceable and trusted way, KCBC raises each calf with one goal in mind and that is producing the highest quality beef attainable. With so much to offer it is clear to see why the company is so respected and trusted throughout the community. KCBC takes pride in the fact that it owns all of its beef cows. These cows are raised on site and under strict protocols and measures. All calves are backgrounded on beautiful healthy Missouri pastureland while always being grain fed. This means outstanding marbling characteristics and unsurpassed flavor.

Know That the Beef You Buy is Always Healthy and Tasty

Attention to detail and well-established core values along with smart farm to table beef production means that the beef you buy is always healthy and tasty. When it comes to online beef companies, KCBC is clearly the smart choice. Most notably, the company uses a direct selling model to ensure fresh beef to your table that has never been subjected to multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Whether it is a few select cuts or a whole side of beef, you can rest assured that healthy quality beef is just a call or click away when sourcing from KCBC. Contact the company today to learn more.