One of the most innovative ways of buying healthy beef that taste great is to consider a beef subscription service. This is an easy, convenient and cost-saving way of enjoying the best tasting beef at the best price. Most importantly, when you purchase beef products from a subscription service, you can be sure that you are getting a higher quality product that is not offered by mass production meat packers. Most importantly, those who choose to buy beef from high-volume meat packing companies are likely getting beef that has gone through several freeze and thaw cycles.

Farm to Table Beef That Has Never Undergone Damaging Treatment

This is an unfortunate type of process that damages beef, destroys the taste and reduces overall nutritional value. When beef is routinely frozen and thawed during the production, shipping and retail sale process, it becomes tougher and less tasty. When you choose to work with a beef subscription service, you’re getting farm to table beef that has never undergone damaging treatment like multiple thaw and freeze cycles. In short, the meat products that you buy online using a subscription service taste better, look better and are healthier for you and your family.

A Company That Simply Gets it Right

Another advantage of buying beef this way is that you can be sure that animals have received the highest quality of care and have been treated humanely. Offering a wide range of beef subscription boxes, KC Beef Co is a company that simply gets it right when it comes to monthly subscription type services of this nature. From T-bones to rib-eyes and steaks as well as burgers and even ground beef, few other companies can compare. To learn more about all that KC Beef Co has to offer simply visit the website online or call today.