Without question, the best farm to table beef for your family is the kind of beef that has been carefully sourced from pristine Missouri pasture and that features only the most stringent husbandry practices and policies. Most importantly, great tasting farm to table beef typically requires that it avoids the typical routine commercial processing practice of thawing and freezing multiple times in order to transport, store and distribute beef. When beef is purchased online and these practices are avoided, the end result is outstanding beef that taste delicious and is more nutritious.

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Savvy Consumers are Quickly Changing Buying Habits

KC Beef Co is a one-stop source for the very best in online sourced beef products. Steaks, burgers and other meat products that are sourced online via the farm to table model are the smart choice today. Savvy consumers are quickly changing buying habits and choosing to buy online as a way to save money and enjoy higher quality food products. KC Beef Co is a company with years of experience that has earned it’s trust from consumers one order at a time. To learn more about all that this innovative online beef company makes possible simply visit the website or call customer service today.