All too often those who enjoy beef settle for less in terms of the beef that is available in a local grocery store or even a big box store. That said there is a much better option when it comes to providing your family with the highest quality beef available. For example, the best farm to table Kansas City beef is literally just a click away when you buy direct from a company that you can trust. While there are many companies that offer this type of service one in particular stands out as a true leader.

The Smart Choice

Kansas City Beef Company is one of the most respected, trusted and reliable sources for high quality beef, where the animals are meticulously cared for on a daily basis. The animals are treated humanely, and the beef is carefully maintained always avoiding multiple freeze and thaw cycles. For a true farm to table beef option, KC Beef is clearly the smart choice. In addition, because the company owns its own beef cows, the quality always comes through. Avoid big packers when buying beef means you can now enjoy the most nutritious, tasty and healthy beef available.

Never Accept Second Best

KCBC deals only in cattle that are born on pristine Missouri pasture. In addition, these cows are maintained in close proximity pens on a farm that is operated with true family values. Traceability is a key factor when it comes to quality beef. With KCBC you can be sure that the beef on your family’s table is traced back to the exact sire and dam with regard to the calf that produced the steak that you are eating. It is these important details that set this beef apart from your typical run-of-the-mill grocery store beef. Never accept second best when it comes to your family’s food. Contact Kansas City Beef Company today for more information.