This is an excellent question to ask especially considering the fact that more and more consumers are turning to the direct sales model of purchasing food in today’s economy. In short, buying farm to table or purchasing an entire side of beef online not only saves money but improves nutrition and overall taste. With so much to offer it is clear to see why more families than ever before are turning to buying direct when it comes to a wide range of food products. From fruits to vegetables and beef as well as chicken and other food products, it is a concept that is rapidly growing in popularity.

Premium Quality Beef That is Second to None

Most importantly, when buying a side of beef online, you can be sure that your cattle has been raised on Missouri pasture and finished in close-up pens. This means the very best in animal husbandry and premium quality beef that is second to none. KC Beef Co is one of the online beef companies that prides itself on owning all its beef cows. The company closely monitors how each head of cattle is raised. This attention to detail and a focus on proper animal care means that everybody benefits.

The Yielding of Mouthwatering and Remarkably Delicious Beef

The company focuses on raising cattle specifically in order to produce premium grade quality beef that tastes absolutely amazing. Each head of cattle is backgrounded on Missouri pasture and grain fed. The end result is the yielding of mouthwatering and remarkably delicious beef that has the perfect balance of marbling. By being able to trace every cow, it is possible to know the exact sire and dam from which a calf is born. Following the calf from birth to butcher guarantees the highest quality of care and the best food products. To learn more simply visit online or call today.