How It Works

Our cattle are born on Missouri pasture and finished in close up pens on our farm. Animal husbandry is one of our core values. We believe that good animal husbandry results in premium beef on your table.

We raise each calf specifically to produce the highest quality beef. They are backgrounded on Missouri pasture and grain fed to yield a delicious balance of marbling.

Traceability of our beef is like no other. We can trace our beef back to the exact sire and dam from which the calf was born. We follow the calf from birth to the butcher to ensure the highest quality of care. We also offer processing of ¼, ½, and Whole Sides of beef.

By selling direct we can ensure the highest quality of care and the highest quality of beef. You don’t have to wonder if the beef you are eating was treated humanely. You don’t have to wonder if the packing plant where your beef was processed is of the highest quality. You don’t have to wonder how many freeze thaw cycles your beef went thru before you received it. KCBC from Farm to Table!