1/2 Side Of Beef

  • Roasts (3-4 lbs each)

Shoulder roast- 3-4 Packages

Chuck roast- 6-8 packages

Sirloin tip roast- 3 packages

Rump roast- 1 package

Eye of round roast 2 packages

  • Steaks (standard is 3/4 thick, 2 per package)

T-bone- 10-12 steaks

Ribeye- 12-16 steaks

Flank steak- 2 steaks

Round steak (on a quarter, half are tenderized) 8-10 steaks

Sirloin 6-8 steaks

  • Ground beef:

Approximately 70 lbs of ground beef.


Stew meat- 8 0.5 lb packages

Short ribs- 3 packages (3-4 in a package)

Soup bones- 5 packages

Martin City Brewery Monthly Cases:

Each month. you’ll receive a case of one of Martin City Breweries signature beers.

  • Survival Blond Light in color only, this beer uses a blend of malt and hops to give it a depth of flavorful notes and floral aroma.
  • Easy Way IPA Rich, citrus aromas light up your nose like a bright orange sky, giving way to a crisp flavor with notes of refreshing fruit and a pleasant finish.
  • Hard Way IPA This American IPA is dry-hopped three times to unleash a beautiful citrus aroma and hoppy, floral flavor.
  • Belgian Style Abbey Ale A toffee nose is followed by a perfect blend of rich and malty that hits your taste buds with cherry, chocolate, and apple. 

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