Choose from a 1/4, 1/2, or Whole side of beef to lock in your price as Beef demand rises. With any order, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your processing based on your needs. Our Farm to Table Beef is traceable from field to your table with only locally grown beef that is farm-raised in the heart of the U.S.A.

What is a side of beef?

At KCBC, we only sell Farm To Table Beef that you can purchase online. All of our cattle are raised in the central Midwest around the Kansas City area.

We sell our sides of our Farm to Table Beef in Quarter Sides, Half Sides, and Whole Sides. A side of beef is half of the steer. This section is then broken down into pieces which are illustrated below. Those pieces are broken down into the individual parts we’ve all come to know. Below is a brief description of the pieces, cuts, and yields we typically see from our cattle.

Hamburger (Weight Varies)

Our Farm To Table hamburger is derived from the remaining meat after other cuts have been removed. Our hamburger can be processed into patties or larger portions based on your needs.

Chuck (40 – 50 lbs)

The Chuck comes from the shoulder section and can be used for hamburgers, chuck roasts, or cubed for stews.

Rib (10-12 lbs)

The Ribs yield some of the most tender meats due to the muscle’s low activity, this can produce excellent marbling. This primal cut can be broken down into Rib Roasts, Ribeye Steaks, or Bone-In Ribeye Steaks.

Loin (15-16 lbs)

The cuts from the loin are the quintessential cuts we think of when referring to Steaks. The Loin is the source of the classic Kansas City Strip, New York Stip, T-Bone Steaks, Porterhouse, and Filet Minions.

Sirloin (10 lbs)

The Sirloin produces cuts that are flavorful and lean. It includes both the top and bottom sirloin. This section is typically broken down into steaks or cubes.

Round (65-70 lbs)

The round comes from the back leg of a steer and is broken down into the Top Round and multiple sub primal cuts. The Round yields cuts like the rump roast, eye of round which finish lean and flavorful.

Flank (1-2 lbs)

The Flank is a great cut to grill but should never be overcooked and marinating is recommended.


We derive our Short Ribs from the Plate. Our Short Ribs are great for Braising, Stewing, or Barbecuing.

Soup Bones

Our Beef Bones have more Marrow and Gelatin which can make for great broths, butters, or stews.

Organ Meats

We get the most out of our beef and offer the Tongue, Kidneys, Heart, and Liver.

Shipping Costs :

Due to variances in weight, shipping, and packaging. Shipping will be billed separately depending upon your chosen cut, pack, and location.

Sides Of Beef : Half Side Of Beef, Quarter Side Of Beef, Whole Side Of Beef